Iris Gold Drops Video for New Single “Lover Of My Own”

Iris Gold

“So I flirt a little keeps you high, I can turn it on make you laugh n cry…”

– quote from “Lover Of My Own”

Flirty, spell-binding, and smooth-riding is the flow for this new hit track by the Bay Street Records uprising star and recording artist Iris Gold.

“Lover Of My Own” is a song that celebrates self-love and individuality, which are traits that Gold has known forever since she came into the music industry scene. Gold is that singer that you can’t put any tags on or confine to any particular style or genre because she makes music in her own way, which she calls “hippie hop.”

In “Lover Of My Own,” Gold engages with the audience in a playful, flirtatious, and captivating manner, but after all the play, she announces that she has to go because she has her own lover. That lover that she goes back to is herself. Iris Gold lets us know that it’s okay to share good vibes and positive energy with the people around you, but you don’t have to lose yourself and neglect your true love, yourself.

This track is yet another that Iris Gold has done in collaboration with producer Dave Stewart. Talking about the video, Gold admits that the princess theme is a fulfillment of her old childhood fantasy of a non-conforming kind of princess.





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