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IMONI Dedicates “Bloodline” to her Older Brother


Singer/songwriter IMONI has just released her first track of 2023, titled “Bloodline,” and it’s already generating buzz in the music world. This emotional dark alt R&B track serves as a message to her older brother in prison, and it’s a powerful expression of the complicated feelings that come with familial relationships.

“Bloodline” is a deeply personal song for IMONI, and it shows in the raw emotion that comes through in her lyrics and vocal delivery. She speaks of mixed emotions of anger, detachment, and empowerment, all wrapped up in a message to her brother to face his demons and turn his life around for the sake of his family.

The track is produced by drill producer Mazza Wagwan and co-produced by AJ Platinum, and it showcases IMONI’s deeper, darker stylistic edge that sets her apart from other artists in the UK R&B scene. With her powerful vocals and evocative lyrics, IMONI is carving out a unique niche in the industry.

But it’s not just the music making waves with “Bloodline.” IMONI has also co-directed and co-edited the accompanying music video, which tells her story in a visceral and impactful way. The visuals perfectly complement the lyrics, showcasing the mixed emotions and complicated family dynamics that IMONI explores in the song.

Overall, “Bloodline” is a powerful and deeply personal release from IMONI. It’s a reminder that music can be a vehicle for healing and empowerment and that even the most difficult emotions can be expressed in a way that touches the hearts of others. As she continues developing her unique sound and style, IMONI will make a lasting impact in the world of R&B and beyond.



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