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HVZE’s “Whole Ass Meal” – A Flavorful Ode to Crushing Hard


HVZE, the Bay Area-bred, Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist, is serving up a delicious new track titled “Whole Ass Meal.” This song isn’t just about noticing someone who catches your eye – it’s an anthem for those times when a crush transcends mere attraction, elevating them to a whole meal.

In a world where the term “snack” is playfully thrown around, HVZE takes it up a notch, dedicating “Whole Ass Meal” to everyone who’s out there looking irresistibly delectable. His unique blend of warm, ambient vocals and sharp, surgical lyricism creates a catchy track that resonates deeper and more emotionally.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of JID, Joey Badass, and Denzel Curry, HVZE’s style is a dynamic mix of introspective bars and contemplative themes. His approach to music is reflective and forward-thinking, ensuring that each line is packed with emotional insight and thoughtful expressions.

“Whole Ass Meal” is more than a song – it’s a celebration of attraction, a nod to those who captivate us completely. With this latest release, HVZE continues to solidify his place in the music scene as an artist who seamlessly blends hip-hop and R&B while staying true to his roots and influences. Keep an eye on HVZE as he continues to cook up tracks that satisfy our musical hunger.



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