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HoodTrophy Bino Turns Up the Heat with “Shake Sum Lil Bitch”

HoodTrophy Bino

Prepare to ignite the dance floor as Los Angeles rapper HoodTrophy Bino drops his latest banger, “Shake Sum Lil Bitch.” Bino’s distinctive flow over captivating piano riffs and cutting-edge beats will keep the club moving.

“Shake Sum Lil Bitch” showcases Bino’s unstoppable energy and suave stage presence, delivering a wild party anthem that’s sure to resonate with fans all around the world. The accompanying music video, directed by super producer and director Chico Bennett, sees a high school version of Bino transforming his classroom into a wild dance floor. With girls twerking on desks and epic dance battles taking over the cafeteria, the video’s electrifying energy is impossible to resist.

Signed to Soulja Boy’s Stacks On Deck Money Gang label, the two rappers share a longstanding friendship and mutual respect for each other’s talents.

Stayed tuned to HoodTrophy Bino as he continues to make waves in the music scene, bringing his unique blend of high-energy tracks and undeniable charisma to fans.



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