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Hilaire’s “Down” Paves the Way for His Highly-Anticipated Album


Rising artist Hilaire is set to make a statement in the urban music scene with his new song “Down,” the captivating lead single from his upcoming album, “When It All Comes Crashing Down.” With a handful of singles and an EP titled “The Yellow Tape” already under his belt, Hilaire is no stranger to creating powerful, engaging tracks that resonate with fans.

“Down” showcases Hilaire’s undeniable talent, blending his distinct sound with emotive lyrics and an infectious beat. The song is a bold introduction to the themes and style listeners can expect from his forthcoming album, creating anticipation and excitement for what’s to come.

Listen to Down.


With “When It All Comes Crashing Down” set to drop soon, Hilaire’s unique approach to urban music will captivate listeners and make a lasting impact. His fresh sound and poignant storytelling are poised to carve out a place for him in the competitive music industry, setting the stage for a promising career.

As Hilaire continues to make waves with “Down” and his upcoming album, fans should watch for this rising star’s innovative sound. With a passion for creating meaningful music and a determination to leave his mark on the scene, Hilaire is an artist to watch as he ascends to new heights.



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