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Highness Releases Sexy Track “Touch Me”


R&B duo Highness’s latest release, “Touch Me,” is a fusion of Neo-R&B and Trap that’s sultry, sexy, and filled with captivating rap lyrics. Composed of two powerful female poets, Ms. Rabelle and Qween Mhy, the duo is produced out of Atlanta but bred in Milwaukee.

Their uncompromising lyrics and sweet but lethal style and delivery have drawn comparisons to the likes of Salt & Pepper and Outkast, but what makes them stand out is their passion for uplifting women, black economics, and enjoying life to the fullest. They touch on sensitive issues while remaining connected to the community, an art that seems to be dying but that Queen Mhy and Ms. Rabelle intend to revive and sustain through undeniably good music and powerful messages.

“Touch Me” showcases the duo’s ability to blend genres seamlessly, creating a sound across many styles, from hip-hop to pop. It’s a cool, trippy vibe sure to enchant listeners with its captivating vocals and rap lyrics. The sultry, sexy beat will have you moving, but the powerful message behind the music will keep you hooked.

The Highness Movement is more than just a band; it’s a call to action. The duo wants their fans to be a part of their journey, to join them in their mission of creating stellar music, empowering kings and queens, and promoting political and social awareness. They want to show you can be young, enjoy life, and still make a difference.



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