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HEROW Collaborates with Fiancé Stori in “GET IT HOW YOU LIVE”

Herow & Stori

It is common to use the phrase “GET IT HOW YOU LIVE” to encourage yourself to achieve your dreams. This conscious rap song compares the lives and experiences of artists to those who are unhappy with themselves and make mistakes. So many people attempt to justify their negative actions, but in the end, they don’t make room for positive things in their lives – this song serves as a wake-up call.

In “GET IT HOW YOU LIVE” by HEROWAIIN, he collaborates with his fiancé Stori to produce raw, intellectually stimulating, persuasive and revitalizing content. There aren’t many happy couples making music together in the industry. Through intentionally conscious lyrics, HEROWAIIN and Stori aim to show you how to make certain sacrifices and life choices that will lead you to your desired outcome.



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