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Hello Ground Navigates Heartbreak in “Clean Your Room”

Hello Ground

Breakups are never easy, but finding ways to cope takes on a whole new dimension in the digital age. Hello Ground’s latest track, “Clean Your Room,” dives deep into the post-breakup experience, offering a candid glimpse into the art of self-distraction in the modern world. Jon Heisserer, the creative force behind Hello Ground, masterfully crafts a sonic journey that resonates with anyone navigating the complex emotions of a fractured relationship.

“Clean Your Room” is more than just a breakup anthem – it’s a raw and relatable reflection of coping mechanisms that are uniquely 2023. Heisserer, a hyper-allergic, asthmatic, and synth aficionado, takes listeners on a sonic trip through his day, exploring how he navigates the aftermath of a breakup. With a touch of humor and a dose of vulnerability, the song captures the essence of trying to distract oneself in the digital age.

Having co-written and produced a multi-platinum-selling album for Ricky Montgomery, Heisserer now focuses his energy on his solo project, Hello Ground. Teaming up with drummer and video producer Brian Porter, who himself has a background in the music scene, brings a wealth of experience and creativity.

Before their collaboration, Heisserer and Porter were part of the band Building Rome, touring the country in the 2010s. Their synergy as Hello Ground is evident as they craft music that seamlessly blends electronic elements with emotional storytelling.

“Clean Your Room” showcases Hello Ground’s knack for catchy hooks and relatable lyrics and demonstrates their ability to capture the zeitgeist of modern relationships. The song is a testament to the power of music in translating complex feelings into relatable and catchy tunes.



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