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H.A.M Showcase their Unique Sound in “We Don’t Know That”


H.A.M, an acronym for Hot Ass Music, consisting of members Miracle and Niah, is making waves in the music industry with their new song “We Don’t Know That.” Discovered by renowned television and record executive Rashad El-amin, whose management credits include iconic artists like Whitney Houston and Missy Elliot, H.A.M brings a fresh and explicit soul rap sound to the scene.

The single showcases their unique sound with explicit lyrics and infectious beats. It further highlights their ability to create energetic and provocative music. Influenced by artists like Black Eyed Peas, Lizzo, Saweetie, Nicki Minaj, and SZA, H.A.M’s music exudes a sense of free expression, forward-thinking, and pure excitement.

H.A.M’s lyrics push boundaries and celebrate fun and uninhibited expression. Their music embodies a modern, LIT vibe that resonates with audiences seeking bold and audacious tracks. With their explicit and unapologetic approach, H.A.M is paving their own lane in the industry, delivering hot and infectious music that leaves a lasting impact.

As they continue to make waves with their provocative and energetic sound, H.A.M is poised to become a prominent force in the music world. Their unique blend of explicit soul rap, combined with their undeniable charisma, sets them apart and ensures that listeners will be captivated by their music. Keep an eye out for H.A.M as they continue to deliver hot ass music that pushes boundaries and keeps the party going.



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