Genre Returns to the Music Scene with “Phenom”

“I done put on for my city, you can check all my stats…”

– quote from “Phenom”

For 10 months, sensational Pennsylvania rapper Genre has kept his fans starving. After he dropped his 2021 album “I Was Right,” the rapper seemed to disappear from the music scene, keeping his fans waiting. But now, the wait is over! He has returned with this banging new tone he calls “Phenom.” 

Phenom tells the story of Genre’s journey to stardom. It explores the hard work he and his team put into every project and how he responds to lovers and haters. He seeks to carve a unique niche for himself and to build a fanbase of people who can relate to his story and journey. 

Coming from a place like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Genre didn’t have a lot of local rap artists to emulate. He was one of the people who started giving rap music a facelift in his community, and he seeks to become a legend that’ll motivate more stars to rise from his city. 






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