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G Smoove Drops “Love The Hustle” ft Benny the Butcher

G Smooth

Get ready to dive into rap artist G Smoove’s raw and authentic world as he drops his latest track, “Love The Hustle,” featuring the legendary Benny the Butcher. This collaboration is a powerful conversation about the struggles and determination that come with rising from the bottom.

Hailing from Boston, G Smoove has faced his fair share of hardships. He spent his early years bouncing between foster care programs and group homes, unaware of his family. During this tumultuous time, he discovered hip-hop music, which became his lifeline and source of inspiration.

G Smoove used music as an escape, a way to dream big and transcend his circumstances. His journey took another unexpected turn when he discovered his family, only to realize that communication with them was challenging due to their deafness. Once again, music became his therapy, his means of expression.

Out of these experiences, G Smoove was born. Music remained his constant companion whether he was in foster homes, living on the streets, or with a newfound family he struggled to connect with. He poured his pain and emotions into his songs, capturing the hearts of listeners with tracks like “Fallen Angel” and “No Regrets.”

Over the years, G Smoove has built an impressive catalog, gaining a loyal and growing fanbase. With his deep and soulful lyrics, he leaves a lasting impact on anyone who listens. Keep an eye out for his latest projects, as they offer a profound glimpse into the world of G Smoove.



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