G Smooth Reveals New Track “Diamondz”

G Smooth

“Ain’t no riding on my wave, you ain’t the captain on my boat, thinking back, I lost everything, but never lost hope…”

– quote from “Diamondz”

Boston-based hip hop artist G Smooth emerges with “Diamondz,” a new hip hop track emblazoned with plush soul samples and live drum sounds. G Smooth’s harsh vocals embody the grim required to endure his tumultuous upbringing.  

G Smooth fell in love with music at an early age. He used it to escape from his environment and began writing about the pain he had experienced, which poured through his soul. He later released his first songs, “Fallen Angel” and “No Regrets,” which captured his fans.

G Smooth has been working on his debut project, “Smooth Music Vol. 1,” which will be released soon. It paints a vivid picture of exactly who he is, so get ready to dive deep into his world. 






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