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G-LOW Drops New Song “TAP DANCE” 


Everyone who has listened to G-LOW knows he never disappoints when blending wordplay with storytelling and bouncy beats. This is exactly the vibe he brings on this new song called “TAP DANCE” in collaboration with ePP.

Raised in Portland, Oregon, G-LOW has always dreamed of dominating the music industry, and over the years, he has honed his craft and is now ready to print his name in the sand of time.

On this new track, G-LOW presents a bouncy tone perfect for parties and outdoor fun for all cool cats. Over the past few months, he has also released some other enticing songs like “Now,” “Don’t forget to smile,” “Showty,” and “Anchor.”

The “TAP DANCE” video was directed by Riley Brown, and it only wets the ground for some more incredible tones to come.



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