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Fresh Da Zoe Unleashes “Demon” & Accompanying Short Film

Fresh Da Zoe

Rising artist Fresh Da Zoe takes a bold stance against his critics with his latest release, “Demon.” Over a haunting Herman Muenster-style piano loop and a classic Atlanta trap beat the self-proclaimed “Mr. Voodoo Flow” lays waste to ex-lovers, ex-employers, rivals, and posers with unrelenting fury. Fresh Da Zoe has no heart for these nobodies, and he’s not afraid to showcase his worth.

The accompanying music video, which can be more accurately described as a short film, opens with a sweeping shot of Boston, Fresh Da Zoe’s adopted home. However, danger lurks in the shadows as the rapper is kidnapped by gangsters intending to deliver his heart to their boss. But, unbeknownst to them, this cold killer is heartless.

As the track kicks into high gear, viewers are transported through scenes of splendor and strife from Fresh Da Zoe’s life. Surrounded by twerking succubi, he dispatches his enemies with the same ease as Lucifer falling from heaven. The film concludes with assassination of one of his captors, teasing further installments of his demonic reign.

“Demon” is a definitive statement from Fresh Da Zoe, and with its chilling beat and captivating visuals, it’s bound to leave a lasting impression. As the artist continues to ascend, his critics should be wary — Fresh Da Zoe knows his worth, and he’s not afraid to haunt those who doubt him.



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