Fresh Da Zoe Returns with “Voodoo Flow”

Fresh Da Zoe

After the successful release of his last single, “No Sleep,” which garnered over one hundred thousand streams, upcoming Haitian hip-hop sensation Fresh Da Zoe has released another banging tone he calls “Voodoo Flow.”

Bouncing off a hard-core Caribbean flow and trap beat, Fresh Da Zoe takes us on a journey with his lyrical storytelling prowess on this song, which he dedicates to the people praying for his downfall. The song talks about his struggles, the battles he has fought, and how he will always shock his enemies by constantly being a winner.

Fresh Da Zoo leaves no room for disappointment on this track, driven by an insatiable need for success and a passion for impressing his growing fanbase. Here he introduces his unique sound, a fine blend of Caribbean and trap flow, birthing an ecstatic tone that’ll leave fans wowed for a long time. Like his first track, his creativity sparkles brightly on this track, and he promises that there’s more where this came from.



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