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Frandie Tackles the Idea of Self-Doubt in New Song “Dreams”


Frandie, the Brooklyn-born songwriter/rapper/producer, has released a new single titled “Dreams” that explores the pursuit of goals and the roadblocks we put in our own way. The track is accompanied by a stunning visual that blends live-action footage and animation, taking listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

Frandie’s wide scope of musical influences is evident in his art, blending storytelling and smooth hip-hop rhythms with sounds not commonly found in the genre. With Dominican roots, Frandie seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish lyrics, resulting in a lyrically and instrumentally layered and cohesive sound.

In “Dreams,” Frandie tackles the idea of self-doubt and the struggle to break down the roadblocks that prevent us from achieving our goals. The track is emotionally transparent, with Frandie exploring what his subconscious tries to tell him through his dreams.

Frandie is a rising star in the music industry. “Dreams” is the latest example of his artistry and a promising sign of what’s coming.



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