FCG Heem Releases New Single “Not Lit” ft Loe Shimmy

FCG Heem

“Really taking first-class flights we in the cockpit, you ain’t really getting to no money boy you not lit  …”

– quote from “Not Lit”

Fast-rising Florida artist FCG Heem has unleashed a new single he calls “Not Lit,” featuring Loe Shimmy.  

With a hardcore beat and hypnotic melody, FCG Heem shows off his wordplay prowess as he delivers his lyrics. The “Not Lit” video is on a good start with over 66k views and counting on YouTube.

FCG Heem was born in the Shallow Side in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He started experimenting with music at the tender age of three when his father bought a karaoke machine. He spent most of his childhood leisure time freestyling and singing along to the beats on the karaoke machine as the family cheered him on. 

His Jamaican descent naturally conferred the reggae vibe, but he also delved into hip-hop and R&B over time. His biggest inspirations are Sizzla and 50 Cent. After he lost his Walmart job in 2018, FCG Heem took on music full-time. He started uploading tracks on SoundCloud, and the rest has been history. 






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