Fastmoney Ant Releases New Single “Say Datt”

Fastmoney Ant

Upcoming Chicago rapper Fastmoney Ant has released a sensational new single he calls “Say Datt.” On this track, the prolific rapper teams up with his homeboy Lil Zay Osama to give incredible bars that’ll keep fans anticipating the growth of his discography.

This new single, accompanied by a high-quality video, tells the story of Fastmoney Ant’s life, journey, and experiences. He talks about the things he’s been able to get away with and other challenges that shaped him into who he has become.

With “Say Datt,” Fastmoney Ant aims to give the streets an anthem to hold on to while he puts the final touches on his album, which is billed to be released this winter. This song will bring a wave of nostalgia to everyone who grew up in the streets of Chicago, as the storytelling and wordplay will take you on a journey through life in the hood.



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