F4E Sheezy Debuts New Single “Fly Forever”

F4E Sheezy

Fast-rising Wyandotta rapper F4E Sheezy has released his new track “Fly Forever.” The Kansas City artist, known for dropping heart-felt punchlines over dope beats, has once again proven that he’s built for this music game. Growing up in the streets of Kansas, which many know as the CrimeDotte, one would expect him to tow the path of criminality. But F4E Sheezy wasn’t cut from that cloth. He started his career as a local DJ; while at it, he never missed a chance to freestyle with his friends in the hood.

In 2010, he dropped his first mixtape, the Freebase Mixtape, which was reputed to be one of the hardest mixtapes in the city. From that moment, F4E Sheezy threw his hat into the rig and started churning out more of his own music in a bid to grind to the spotlight.

He sings about his life experiences, struggles, and victories and about the journey he has been through. He also gives people a healthy chunk of motivation on the journey to success and spreads good vibes with his music. Check this song out!



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