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Eugenio Oliveras Releases Sensual Track “CANDYLAND”

Eugenio Oliveras

Pennsylvania artist/producer Eugenio Oliveras showcases his versatility in his new song “CANDYLAND.” In the track, he delivers his introspective, melodic, and sultry vocals to relay how he’ll be there for that special someone in a seductive way.

Eugenio decided to start afresh with his playlist-like rerelease “Designer Drugsin” Jan 2018. Later, he released a steady stream of singles, including an EP, “MINGO,” which allowed Eugenio to tap into his dark and vulnerable atmosphere while still blending contemporary R&B throughout. Then, he released several singles in 2020. One of them was featuring BigChildSupport, from Dallas. Mike Jones, a multi-platinum artist from Houston, also appeared on “The Plan” at Christmas.

After releasing two records, “wannabe” and “Left To Give,” in 2021, the Lancaster native found a sense of calm. He still received more streams than the previous year, which was 20,000. He returned in late December to deliver “4U” (DEMO), a mixtape that introduced a new, upbeat, engulfing sound, made up of nine records.



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