Erika Tham Breaks into the Music Scene with “Admit It”

Erika Tham

“I’ll admit it, I wouldn’t know love if I was in it, and I could never trust no commitment…”

– quote from “Admit It”

After years of creating a legacy for herself in the movie industry as a teen actor, Erika Tham has decided to explore the musical side of her creativity. Erika first came to the spotlight when she starred as Corki in Nickelodeon’s teen favorite show, “Make it Pop.” She then starred in other television shows, including FOX’s “Star” and Disney’s “Kim Possible.” 

While creating a legacy for herself in the movie industry, Erika couldn’t shake off the feeling that her angelic voice was designed to captivate the world with melodious music. So, in 2021, she decided to take the leap of faith and explore this talent, and that decision birthed this amazing song titled “Admit It” with Grammy Award-winning pianist Brian Kennedy.  

Backed by an incredible team made up of a long list of Grammy award-winning songwriters, producers, and sound engineers, there’s no doubt that Erika Tham is here to stay, and she’s driven to touch the core of every part of the world with her music.





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