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Eriel Indigo’s “Rebel Bell” – A Rallying Cry for Revolution & Unity

Eriel Indigo

Eriel Indigo, the fiercely independent and visionary artist, is shaking up the music scene with her latest release, “Rebel Bell.” This Los Angeles-based music artist and creative activist is known for her unique blend of audiovisual art and immersive performance, and “Rebel Bell” is no exception. The track is a rowdy anthem of freedom, a perfect meld of old-school political rap and indie-pop energy.

“Rebel Bell” is a call to arms, with its foundations deeply rooted in Boom bap Hip Hop, harmonious rap, and Indigo’s powerful, soul-stirring vocals. The hook, “Ring the Rebel Bell!” is a clarion call, invoking images of rebellion, freedom, and awakening the revolutionary spirit within us. The song urges listeners to think critically, question authority, and view each other as allies in a shared struggle, breaking down the walls of time, identity, race, class, and faith.

Produced by KEVN BLVK, co-produced, and mixed by Jonathan Hakakian (aka Jonny Joon) of Hear Color Music, “Rebel Bell” is more than just a song; it’s a narrative of shared experiences and a tribute to our unified spirit. Indigo’s lyrics and melodies invite us to stop judging and empower each other, embracing our collective spirit.

“Rebel Bell” sets the stage for Eriel Indigo’s upcoming 16-track album, “Angels & Aliens.” Known for addressing challenging societal norms and driving change through her music, Indigo continues to be a voice for unity and intentional evolution. Her music is not just for listening; it’s for engaging, awakening, and provoking thought.

In a time when society is grappling with division, Indigo’s music stands out as a unifying force. “Rebel Bell” is a testament to her belief in the power of music to connect, educate, and initiate meaningful discussions. As we await the full release of “Angels & Aliens,” Eriel Indigo remains a beacon of hope and change, inviting listeners to join her on this journey of rebellion, evolution, and unity.



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