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El Londo Reveals “10” ft BlazeYL

El Londo

UK rap artist El Londo has unleashed the new song “10,” featuring BlazeYL from his highly anticipated album, “THANKSLONDO,” a monumental 15-track masterpiece. Collaborating with an array of artists, including BlazeYL, AntsLive, Arz, Ashbeck, Felixthe1st, and many more, El Londo showcases his ability to curate and harmonize the diverse sounds of the underground into a cohesive and extraordinary body of work.

“THANKSLONDO” serves as a musical showcase and highlights El Londo’s vision to unite the community of artists. With this album, he aims to elevate the talent around him, emphasizing his role as an accessible producer who wants to rise alongside his peers. It’s a “community” project that reflects his genuine intentions and passion for creating exceptional music.

El Londo’s production skills are displayed throughout the album, demonstrating his ability to seamlessly blend various sounds and genres. From hard-hitting beats to infectious melodies, “THANKSLONDO” is a testament to his versatility and artistic vision.



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