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Eastside JP Releases New Song “Gallery Dept”

Eastside JP

Eastside JP, an independent trap artist from East Memphis, released a new song titled “Gallery Dept.” The track explores Eastside’s journey to success and the realization that everyone needs somebody to help them along the way.

The song opens with a confident Eastside JP declaring his intentions to make it to the top on his own terms. He speaks of his hard work, dedication, and the obstacles he has faced on his journey. He boasts about his success and ability to make things happen without the help of others.

In the chorus, Eastside JP raps about the Gallery Dept, a metaphor for the people he has surrounded himself with. He acknowledges that he needs people to support him and help him succeed.

Overall, “Gallery Dept” is a powerful and honest track that speaks to the struggles and challenges of making it in the music industry. It shows Eastside JP’s willingness to be vulnerable and his recognition that no one can make it alone. With other notable tracks like “No Sweat,” “Plug Calling,” and “Married to the game,” it’s clear that Eastside is an artist to watch in the world of trap music.



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