Ducce Goes Hard on New Track “I’m Feeling Extra”


“I’m never stressing I learned to let go my aggression, turned all of my exes to lessons, turned all of my pain into pressure…”

– quote from “I’m Feeling Extra” 

Fast-rising Florida rap sensation Ducce has dropped a smashing new hit he calls “I’m Feeling Extra.” On this track which talks about how far he has come from having a bad check to racking his money up, the Jacksonville native tells the story of his journey so far, his challenges, and how he’s determined to grind until he gets to the peak of success.

Ducce made his debut in the music industry two years ago. Since then, he has been on a row, dropping amazing tracks and gaining popularity all over social media. 

Ducce has garnered more than 1 million YouTube views within this short timeframe, and his fans keep propping up the numbers every other day. Though released a few weeks ago, this track “I’m Feeling Extra” has already surpassed 100,000 views and counting. 

With over 12 singles to his name ever since his debut, Ducce has shown that he is made for this music industry, and he’d keep pushing until everyone sees and attests to it. So while we await his album coming up this summer, check out this dope song below. 






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