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DTM Sets the Scene with “Game Face,” a Fusion of Cultures


DTM, the dynamic duo formed by Esjha and FK, is back in the spotlight, proving once again that when it comes to music, borders don’t exist. Born from the vibrant energies of St. Ann, Jamaica, and the gritty streets of South London, DTM’s latest track, “Game Face,” is a testament to their groundbreaking journey in the music world since their summer 2022 debut with “Coupe.” Recorded in a friend’s studio in Cambridge, this track embodies the essence of their unique partnership.

“Game Face” is a cultural mosaic, seamlessly blending the fiery spirit of Jamaica with the raw edge of South London. Esjha and FK each bring a flavor to the table that, when combined, creates a sound that’s not just heard but felt. Their previous track, “Love In The Trap,” already showcased their knack for marrying catchy hooks with compelling verses, but “Game Face” elevates this blend to new heights.

With each release, DTM continues to carve out their own niche – where genres blur, and the music speaks the universal language of innovation and unity. “Game Face” is not just a track; it’s a declaration of their readiness to take on the world, one beat at a time.



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