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DonnieP Blazes a Fusion of Cultures in “Know What I Do”


The Latin hip-hop scene is about to explode with a fresh, urban sound courtesy of the trailblazing artist DonnieP. His new banger, “Know What I Do,” is a fiery blend of American Drill and Latin Drill, effortlessly merging Spanish and English in a groundbreaking Spanglish flow. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the States, DonnieP’s cultural duality fuels his innovative artistry.

Executive produced and engineered by multi-platinum maestro Brennen Saulness, “Know What I Do” showcases DonnieP’s mastery of bilingual rapping over a hard-hitting beat. The track is a dynamic introduction to his Spanglish prowess, blending his Latin roots with his American upbringing in a bold sonic statement.

After moving to New York and spending part of his youth in Seattle, DonnieP honed his passion for music and developed his distinct style. As an independent Spanish/English Hip-Hop artist, he’s set to revolutionize the genre, bridging gaps and building connections through his captivating “Spanglish” sound.

Get ready to groove to DonnieP’s “Know What I Do” on Spotify, and watch this prodigious artist redefine the Latin hip-hop landscape. With his genre-defying beats and lyrical dexterity, DonnieP is quickly becoming an urban music legend.



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