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DMF Musta Releases New Song “I Feel”

DMF Musta

“You must be bored with the man you love — I am exciting!” DMF Musta says to a woman who has expressed an interest in him and his affections. She is not his girl and is unattainable, but he cannot help but make a play. The St. Louis rapper will likely leave the interaction with the girl on the arm, owing to his skill, swagger, and infallible style with words.

The perils and mysteries of infidelity are not far from his thoughts. “I Feel,” DMF Musa’s latest single, packs a lot of storytelling substance. It all exists: the boyfriend’s wounded pride, the two-timer’s game-playing, and the intensely mixed emotions of secret love. Anyone who has ever been manipulated, misled by a pretty person, or subject to a hot-and-cold relationship is sure to be familiar with this story.

There’s no denying that “I Feel” is not an idle complaint or a pointless lament. DMF Musa’s wordplay is sharp, his rhymes are concise and to the point, and his flow is sweet and melodic in the long tradition of his hometown. St. Louis hip hop has always divided the difference between street gritty and pop appeal. DMF Musa matches his storytelling by amplifying his emotions to emphasize his points. DMF Musa is a guardian with a unique style, adding “I Feel” and other genre-defying St. Louis singles.

DMF Musa conveys all moods and emotions in “I Feel” with subtle lyrics. Although the action occurs in a clothing shop with a secret love compartment in the back, the drama is all in DMF Musa’s mind.



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