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DJ Zenas Releases Love New Anthem “Apple of My Eye”

DJ Zenas

DJ Zenas has dropped his latest track, “Apple of My Eye.” This heartfelt song is dedicated to his fiancée, with whom he has had the most fulfilling life journey as a partner.

The song celebrates their growth, resilience, and how they’ve allowed love to guide them through ups and downs. It also showcases DJ Zenas’ versatility as an artist.

Zenas, a jack of all trades, is not just a DJ but also produces, writes, and performs his own music. He moved from his hometown of Denver to Dallas, Texas, in 2019 to pursue his music career. Ever since he got there, he hasn’t relented in pushing his arts beyond limits.

He produced several tracks that make up the soundtracks of the animated comic series “The Black Sands,” and he has often dedicated time to making his own music. With these new releases, Zenas is shifting the conversation about himself as an artist, showcasing his many talents and moving beyond just being known as a DJ.



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