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DJ Redness and Cassidy Team Up on the New Track “Solidified”

DJ Redness

Get ready to groove to the hottest collaboration of House Music and Hip Hop with DJ Redness and Cassidy’s new track, “Solidified.” Hailing from Tampa, Florida, DJ Redness is no stranger to setting dancefloors ablaze with his impeccable skills and magnetic presence. With an uncanny ability to connect with the crowd and drop beats that ignite euphoria, DJ Redness is the master of the decks.

“Solidified” is a thrilling blend of infectious grooves and addictive vocal hooks that will have you moving non-stop. Cassidy’s lyrical prowess adds another layer of energy to the track, making it an irresistible dancefloor anthem. DJ Redness fearlessly experiments with various genres, from main room House stompers to Deep Tech and even Trap, proving that his musical vision knows no boundaries.

Having collaborated with industry giants like Superstar Keoki, Dan Diamond, and Vicious Vic, DJ Redness has amassed over 500,000 plays on Soundcloud, a testament to his widespread appeal. But DJ Redness isn’t just about the music; he brings fans behind the scenes through his YouTube channel, “Redness Adventures,” giving us an exclusive look into the world of clubland and party scenes.

The future looks bright for DJ Redness as he continues to push the boundaries of dance music. With more electrifying tracks in the works, including a collaboration with the renowned DJ Tommie Sunshine, DJ Redness is ready to take his career to new heights.

So, whether you catch him spinning at the hottest clubs or blasting his tracks through your earphones, DJ Redness guarantees an unforgettable and electrifying experience. Get ready to be “Solidified” in the groove, and let the beats carry you through the night until the sun rises. DJ Redness is here to keep you lit and dancing till dawn.



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