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Digging for Kanky “Murder” ft D’Lyfa Reilly

Digging for Kanky

Following the release of their musical short film, Crashing, prolific UK music duo Digging for Kanky has dropped another exciting new single, “Murder.” This new track tells the story of a fugitive who just committed a heinous crime and is on the way to damnation if there’s no escape route.

Digging for Kanky has always been known for its storytelling style of capturing the hearts of music lovers with intriguing wordplay and scary tales. The rap duo maintains the same style in this sizzling-hot collaboration with D’Lyfa Reilly. The story is divided into chapters in the animation video, each taking us a little deeper into the crime and its consequences.

Digging for Kanky also has another incredible body of work you should check out: “Plastic E.P” and “Alice E.P.”



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