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Dez Nado Heats Up the Scene with “Slow Motion”

Dez Nado

Jacksonville’s own hip-hop and reggae maestro, Dez Nado, is back in full force with his latest hit, “Slow Motion,” a dynamic track from his recent album, “LPYH SSNZ: Twerk Tape.” Known for his unique blend of Afro-Caribbean sounds and hip-hop, “Slow Motion” is a testament to Dez Nado’s ability to create music that’s catchy and resonates with his roots.

With “Slow Motion,” Dez Nado delivers a 100 BPM patois-laced masterpiece, perfect for keeping the vibe alive well into the holiday season. The track features GL Smoov and showcases Dez’s signature style – a mix of upbeat afro beats with hip-hop flair, making it an instant hit.

Following the success of his single “Flawda Ish,” which gained national airplay and critical acclaim, Dez Nado continues to rise in the ranks. “Slow Motion” has already earned Top 40 status on, proving that Dez Nado’s artistry resonates with audiences far and wide.

Dez Nado’s journey in music is marked by his dedication to his craft, which is evident in the diversity of his projects and collaborations. With “LPYH SSNZ: Twerk Tape,” he explores the essence of Twerk culture, while his previous work “LPYH SSNZ: 90s Tape” celebrated trends from the 1990s. As he gears up for his next project, inspired by the 80s, fans can expect more innovative music that blends contemporary sounds with nostalgic vibes.

“Slow Motion” celebrates Dez Nado’s multifaceted talent as a musician and producer. With his eye on the future and respect for his roots, Dez Nado is an artist to watch out for. Keep an eye on this Jacksonville powerhouse as he continues to shake up the hip-hop scene with his unique sound and style.



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