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Demetrius Drops Song “Ridaz” for the Hustlers


Demetrius’ latest release, “Ridaz,” is more than just a catchy hip-hop song; it’s a call to action for all those who consider themselves “Hustlers.” In a world where hard work and dedication often go unnoticed, Demetrius wants to remind his listeners that they are not alone in their efforts.

The song’s lyrics are a testament to the hard work and perseverance required to succeed in any field. Demetrius speaks about the long hours and sleepless nights that come with hustling and the need to stand on one’s moral standard in the face of temptation. It’s a message relevant to anyone who has worked tirelessly to achieve their goals.

One of the standout features of “Ridaz” is its instrumentation. The beat is infectious and will have listeners nodding their heads in no time. But the use of live instruments sets it apart from other hip-hop songs. Demetrius has always been focused on improving his sound, and this track is a perfect example of his growth as an artist.

Based out of the Route 40 corridor of Frederick, Maryland, Demetrius is making a name for himself in the music industry. He’s not content with blending in with the crowd; he wants to separate himself from the pack by solidifying his sound and improving in all music sectors. His latest release, “Before We Lose The Summer,” is a testament to his growth and potential as a writer and artist.



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