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David July Releases New Song “Hold My Own”

David July

Up-and-coming artist David July has just released his latest hit, “Hold My Own.” This young singer from Vancouver has been making waves in the music industry with his unique style and sound. David July grew up singing at a very young age, and his passion for music is evident in his latest release.

“Hold My Own” is a song about self-empowerment and taking control of one’s life. The lyrics are uplifting and motivational, encouraging listeners to push through difficult times and become stronger on the other side. David July’s powerful vocals perfectly match the song’s message, and his delivery is both emotional and sincere.

His previous single, “Want it All,” was well received by audiences and critics alike, and “Hold My Own” is set to be even bigger. The track showcases July’s powerful vocals, emotive lyrics, and ability to blend different genres seamlessly. The song is a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to stand up for themselves and not be swayed by others.

Overall, David July is an artist to watch. His latest release, “Hold My Own,” is a must-listen for music lovers and a great addition to your playlist. Check out the song on your favorite streaming platform and support this upcoming artist.



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