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Darius Martin Captivates with Latest Release “Options” ft Story

Darius Martin and Story

Darius Martin captivates listeners with his latest release, “Options,” featuring Story. This enticing track draws you in with a smooth-as-butter hook and keeps you coming back for more with its thought-provoking lyrics that question the overstimulation of modern romance.

Guiding the song with his rich and textured vocals, Darius Martin creates a dreamy atmosphere over lavish piano melodies. Describing “Options,” Martin reveals, “It’s an upbeat record that speaks to dating in a social media-driven world.” The track exudes energy, stimulating the dopamine centers with its iridescent sonics and decadent lyrics.

Martin’s music delves into the beauty and struggles of life, aiming to connect deeply with his listeners. Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences and contrasting perspectives, he fearlessly explores the spectrum of emotions, from the good to the bad and everything in between. “Options” offers a whirlwind glimpse into the sensations of a wild romance, enticing and seductive, while showcasing the songwriter’s imaginative and captivating vocals over pulsating basslines.

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, and later residing in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Darius Martin’s upbringing in the vast desert landscapes left an indelible mark on his artistry. Relocating to Southern California during high school, Martin’s life took an unexpected turn when a serious illness sidelined him from his athletic pursuits. This twist of fate led him to discover his true passion for music, and he channeled his time and energy into honing his craft.

With “Options,” Darius Martin is poised to make a mark on the music scene. His expansive alt R&B sound, infused with pop-laced hooks and island-drenched soundscapes, showcases his talent and versatility as a singer-songwriter and producer. As he pours his emotions and autobiographical experiences into his music, Darius Martin aims to forge a deep connection with his audience, offering them an authentic and heartfelt musical journey.



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