Damanithesun Release New Song “Ice Cream”


Talented Denver Colorado Artist, Damanithesun has released a smashing new single titled “Ice Cream.” On this fun track, Damanithesun expresses his desire for his love interest, who he considers to be as sweet as Ice Cream.

Rapping on an emotional drill beat, Damanithesun spits some catchy and flirty lyrics, and his melodious voice sets the tone for a steamy romance.

Damanithesun began his musical journey as a way of expressing his life experiences. Coming from a mixed background, Damanithesun didn’t have a smooth childhood. He lost his sister to suicide in 2013, and in the next year, his brother became paralyzed. All these turned him into the only kid his parents could rely on. So, he had to grow up quick and face life’s responsibilities at a young age. In all of these, he found succor in music, and his distinct voice and style will always set him apart from the crowd.



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