Dallas Aleea Releases New Song “Excited

Dallas Aleea

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t get you excited, you’re undecided…”

– quote from “Excited”

“Love is a beautiful thing,” they say, but how do you handle a love affair when it seems like the affection is one-sided? How do you react when you realize that the energy you give out, is way less than the one you receive? This is the story and message that fast-rising R&B singer and songwriter, Dallas Aleea preaches in this soulful track she calls Excited. 

It’s a song about loving yourself and walking away from a partner who doesn’t see your worth and isn’t scared of losing you.  

In this song, the Tallahassee Florida-born songstress once again wows us with her vocal dexterity and pen game. Dallas Aleea, who has also proved herself in singing pop and blues, has been on a steady rise since she debuted on the music scene. She started singing and performing at the age of fifteen and has since been on a row, honing her craft, and her sound keeps becoming premium with every new track. 






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