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D-Trait Delivers His Latest Track “Lil Bih”


Rap artist D-Trait dropped his latest track, “Lil Bih,” ushering in a change of sound from the softer tones of winter to the vibrant, energy-infused vibes of summer. This release marks a transition from introspection to unapologetic confidence. With a trap beat that exudes an angelic and ominous aura, “Lil Bih” instantly captivates listeners, setting the stage for D-Trait’s distinct artistry.

D-Trait, hailing from Denver, is a multi-talented artist known for his genre-bending prowess. “Lil Bih” boasts a charismatic delivery that combines catchy hooks and well-crafted punchlines. The track’s energy and presence draw listeners in, showcasing D-Trait’s skillful rapping and laid-back yet commanding style. It’s a sound that could easily find a home alongside artists like Da Baby.

Having earned recognition from notable publications such as Denver Voyager and 303 Magazine, D-Trait’s reputation as an influential figure in the Denver music scene is undeniable. His dynamic performances at iconic venues like The Pepsi Center and the Bluebird Theater have solidified his place as a force to be reckoned with.

D-Trait’s musical identity is a fusion of strong lyrical craftsmanship, smooth R&B harmonies, and polished, one-of-a-kind delivery. His ability to seamlessly transition between crooning and dropping bars highlights his versatility and creative range. Beyond his musical endeavors, D-Trait’s influence extends to his role as a prominent writer in Denver’s creative landscape.

“Lil Bih” encapsulates D-Trait’s musical evolution and the emergence of his signature bounce – a captivating cadence-based and melodic style that leaves a lasting impact. With “Lil Bih,” D-Trait invites listeners to experience the shift in seasons through his vibrant sound, setting the stage for a summer of unapologetic expression and musical exploration.



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