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Coline Creuzot Drops Mesmerizing New Track “Say It”

Coline Creuzot

Get ready to be swept away on a wave of euphoria with Coline Creuzot’s mesmerizing new track, “Say It.” This Houston native and Sony ATV songwriter brings a fresh contemporary R&B sound with influences from the vibrant cultures of Houston and New Orleans.

“Say It” is an ethereal masterpiece that envelops the listener in a web of sonic seduction. Coline’s radiant vocals blend seamlessly with pristine percussion and lush harmonies, creating an irresistible blend of 80s-tinged beats and authentic emotions. The single captures a new romance’s heightened tension and bliss, grounded in Coline’s divine tenderness and unabashed vulnerability.

Her breakthrough came with the hit song “Give and Take,” a collaboration with fellow Houstonian and producer Happy Perez. The track’s success opened doors for Coline, leading her to open for renowned artists like Drake, Keyshia Cole, Monica, and Tank.

With her latest single, “For Love,” already climbing the charts and earning accolades from Earmilk as “an expansive celebration of finding the love of your life,” Coline Creuzot is undoubtedly an artist at the forefront of the R&B scene. Her highly anticipated EP will soon drop, promising an unforgettable journey through her captivating melodies and heartfelt storytelling.

As Coline continues to enchant audiences with her raw and refreshing tone, there’s no doubt that she’s on the path to R&B greatness. So, brace yourself for the immersive experience that is “Say It” and get ready to be taken on an unforgettable musical journey by the one and only Coline Creuzot.



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