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Coi Leray’s “Players” Gets a Wavy David Guetta Remix!

Coi Leray

Get ready to vibe as Coi Leray’s chart-topping track “Players” gets a fresh spin from the one and only David Guetta. This lit remix is nothin’ but fire, and we’re here to spill the tea!

Coi Leray, the icy queen of the rap game, has been making waves with her bars and melodies that hit like a tidal wave, so it’s no surprise that her track “Players” has been poppin’ off. But when you add the legendary DJ David Guetta to the mix, you know it’s gonna be next level.

This dynamic duo has created the ultimate club banger, blending Coi’s slick flow with Guetta’s sick beats, making it impossible to resist movin’ and groovin’. Guetta’s touch transforms “Players” into a dance anthem, fusing hip-hop and EDM into a straight-up ear-gasm.

The “Players (David Guetta Remix)” is already blowin’ up the charts, and we can’t help but stan this collab. Coi Leray and David Guetta have created the perfect soundtrack for those late-night turn-ups. So don’t sleep on this remix – it’s the ultimate vibe! Trust us, it will be the hottest joint in the streets!



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