Cliff Savage Releases New Hit Music “OD”

Cliff Savage

“Living through the music just to get rid of the evil…”

– quote from “OD”

Signed to Orchard and Cleopatra, Cliff Savage has enjoyed massive growth in his career. He has been featured on the editorial playlists of most music streaming platforms, including YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. His unique style has endeared millions of fans to his craft, and on this track, “OD,” he proves again that he’s a superstar that can never be ignored. 

Following the success of his hit single “Replay,” which got him and DJ Five Venom thrilling the crowd at Rolling Loud Miami, Cliff Savage has been on a roll, releasing other hit songs like “Flooding,” “Batman,” and “Keep Tripping.”

Cliff’s song “Uber” also charted on Spotify’s United States Viral 50 and Germany Viral 50 and has gathered over 12 million streams across all streaming platforms. 





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