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City Morgue Unleashes Fiery Inferno with New Track “Sauna”

City Morgue

The rap-rock realm’s most menacing duo, City Morgue – comprising the raw talents of ZillaKami and SosMula – is back, tearing up the scene with their latest album, “MY BLOODY AMERICA.” This collection of 15 tracks is nothing short of an auditory assault, loaded with wicked production, fierce rhymes, demonic guitars, and lethal distortion. Setting a hellish tone right from the get-go is “HELL PRELUDE,” followed by the earthquake riff of “PROS” and its haunting refrain.

The album crescendos into the chilling “RUSSIAN” and wraps with “TIDE (EPILOGUE),” marking a harrowing journey through darkness. A standout single, “SAUNA,” is where the duo truly flexes their muscle with spine-chilling synths and a beat that’s impossible not to nod along to. ZillaKami’s warning, “They gonna sit in horror,” is no empty threat as their lyrical onslaught leaves scorched earth in its wake.

“MY BLOODY AMERICA” is a flag of rebellion in its own right, a testament to City Morgue’s unique brand of chaos. The album follows in the footsteps of their trailblazing single “SKULL & BONES 322,” a trap-metal anthem that’s been setting the internet ablaze with over 5.2 million streams and critical acclaim.

City Morgue isn’t just about the music; they’re a force of nature. Since their 2017 emergence, ZillaKami and SosMula have become a phenomenon, racking up streams in the hundreds of millions, selling out shows, and leaving an indelible mark on the culture. Their debut, “CITY MORGUE VOL. 1: HELL OR HIGH WATER,” was a game-changer, and they’ve only upped the ante since, culminating in this latest, fiery chapter.

The track “SAUNA” is a microcosm of their larger-than-life sound, with a bass line that shakes the soul and percussion that booms with ominous intent. ZillaKami’s thunderous cadence and SosMula’s venom-laced verses create an exhilarating and intimidating musical maelstrom.

City Morgue is redefining the boundaries of rap and rock, bringing a sense of danger and raw energy back to the forefront. With “MY BLOODY AMERICA” and its blazing track “SAUNA,” the duo continues to cement their status as the dark princes of the genre, daring listeners to enter their world of unapologetic fury and frenzied beats.



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