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Cinoevil Delivers a Fresh Spin on a Mafia Classic in “Perogies”


New Jersey’s very own Cinoevil is serving up something hot and tasty with his latest single, “Perogies,” straight off his new album “Socialite.” This isn’t your typical music video – Cinoevil’s taking us to a new level of creative flavor.

The recording went down in a smoke shop, where Cinoevil lays down his bars with a gritty edge. The video, inspired by Scarface’s infamous mountain of cocaine scene, swaps out the white stuff for a heaping pile of perogies. That’s right – Cinoevil’s dishing out a mafia vibe with a tasty twist.

In “Perogies,” the artist delivers clever wordplay and a fresh sound while paying homage to a classic movie moment. But instead of guns and drugs, we’re talking dough and potatoes. It’s a bold statement proving Cinoevil isn’t afraid to have a little fun while bringing that raw Jersey energy.

If you’re ready to sink your teeth into Cinoevil’s unique blend of streetwise rhymes and flavorful visuals, don’t sleep on “Perogies.”



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