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Charles Barstow Releases Single “Changed”

Charles Barstow

Vancouver’s prodigy Charles Barstow has made a splash in the music scene with his latest single, “Changed.” A testament to his incredible talent, the young singer-songwriter wrote, produced, and recorded this powerful pop and R&B-infused track entirely from the comfort of his bedroom.

Over the past five years, Charles has captivated audiences with his low, velvety voice and his unique blend of R&B and pop styles. Barstow’s inspirations include the likes of mike., Bazzi, Giveon, and Bryson Tiller, which are evident in his distinctive sound.

“Changed” showcases Barstow’s ability to create catchy, immersive melodies while maintaining an intimate, personal connection with listeners through his relatable and heartfelt lyrics. This dedication to crafting meaningful music has garnered him a loyal fan base, eager for more of his innovative sound.



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