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Chae Ignites a Bold Movement with “DD”


Chae is breaking barriers and challenging norms with her latest single, “DD,” a powerful anthem dedicated to women everywhere. With “DD,” Chae weaves a narrative that celebrates the strength found in owning one’s sexual energy, boldly confronting and attempting to dismantle the conservative stigmas rooted deeply within Asian cultures.

Emerging from a conservative South Asian community, Chae sets out to flip the script on the traditional perceptions surrounding sex and the shame often associated with it. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of the 90s and 2000s R&B, Chae brings a refreshing twist to a sound that has captivated her heart and ears, encapsulating listeners in a time capsule of rhythmic nostalgia yet with a contemporary edge.

“DD” is a statement, a call to arms for breaking ancient ideologies and embracing a more liberated and empowered stance on women’s sexuality. With her distinctive blue hair and a pen that writes anthems for those who’ve been misunderstood, Chae stands as a beacon for change, challenging societal norms and empowering her listeners to do the same. “DD” is set to resonate with many, marking a pivotal moment in Chae’s career as an artist unafraid to voice the truths many shy away from.



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