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CEO Fully Loaded “Round The Corner” ft Fatt Macc

CEO Fully Loaded

In hip-hop music’s crowded and ever-evolving landscape, it takes a unique and powerful voice to truly stand out. And with his latest single, “Round The Corner,” featuring Fatt Macc, artist CEO Fully Loaded has done just that. This track is a stunning example of the Southern trap sound and aesthetic, combining hard-hitting beats with a seductive and irascible atmosphere that draws listeners in from the first note.

At the heart of “Round The Corner” is its incredible production. The 808 beats are big enough to rattle the block, and the sinister synthesizer hook creates a hovering atmosphere of murkiness and steamy beauty. It’s a sound that epitomizes the Southern trap style, using minimalism and simplicity to deliver maximum impact.

But it’s not just the production that makes “Round The Corner” such a standout track. The lyrics and delivery are just as potent, with Fully Loaded and Fatt Macc showcasing their razor-sharp wordplay and ruthless delivery. Every moment of the song feels directed towards delivering musical thrills, with no wasted seconds or meaningless gestures. It’s a track that demands attention and rewards it in spades.

And the video for “Round The Corner” only adds to the song’s overall impact. Set in a dilapidated white house on the outskirts of town, the video shows Fully Loaded and Fatt Macc making big money from their home base. The chains, gear, and fresh haircuts all testify to the success they’re finding in this world by any means necessary.



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