Category: Rap

Prince Navon
July 28, 2020

Prince Navon Drops “A Friendly Reminder”

“Got it from my hustle, I ain’t never had to steal nothing, don’t condone violence, you press me, I’ll press the kill button…” –...

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Trinity Square
July 27, 2020

Trinity Square Test the Waters with Latest Single “Down”

“I can take you ‘round town, we can do it now, now, I got plans to go downtown…” – quote from “Down” “Down” by...

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King Smuve
July 27, 2020

King Smuve Releases “Clean as a Whistle”

“Think you keeping up with me, boy you got it wrong…” – quote from “Clean as a Whistle” King Smuve has just dropped a...

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Nario Da Don
July 27, 2020

Nario Da Don Drops Hit Song “George Floyd”

“They treat us like slaves, today we still mourning for it…” – quote from “George Floyd” Nario Da Don has released a new track...

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Keeya Keys
July 26, 2020

Keeya Keys Makes a Grand Comeback with “RUUD”

“Me, I’ve got dreams of a black Bugatti, and you still ain’t left wing like ‘Dinho, I’m trynna move right like Ansu Fati, grab...

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Kallee Brookes
July 24, 2020

Kallee Brookes Drops Strip Club Anthem “Rude”

“Oh you think I’m cute, oh you think I’m rude? But I care about money, not ‘bout you…” – quote from “Rude” Recording artist,...

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