Category: Music Release

August 4, 2020

RedRum Brings the Heat with “On Fire”

“Extinction level event when I gets the urge. Black out, my spaz game, power gets to surge. Diesel in my lungs, where the sourness...

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Tay Da Prince and John Legend
August 3, 2020

Tay Da Prince “Love One Another” ft John Legend

“We need to love one another, need to hug one another, we sell drugs to each other, a brother will say he love, but...

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Vise Versa
August 3, 2020

Vise Versa Switches It Up with “Face To Face”

“I’m tired of this phone, I’m tryna get you alone and wear yo a** like some cologne. I’m tired of the FaceTime, I wanna...

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Rich Caviar
August 3, 2020

Rich Caviar Drops New Single “Shyamalan”

“I put the work in sun up to sun down, I’m in this bi*ch, I’m thinking whatever the fu*k I want now…” – quote...

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Lupe Fiasco
August 1, 2020

Lupe Fiasco Releases New Single “Dinosaurs”

“Then Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t the smartest of the smartest, but you wouldn’t wanna box with the short-armed carnivorous martial artist…” – quote from “Dinosaurs”...

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Soul Collective
July 31, 2020

Soul Collective Drops New Song “Hope You’re Ready”

“Two steps to the left, now cross it up, two steps to the right, now cross it up. Now left foot kick, right foot...

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