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FCG Heem
January 22, 2021

FCG Heem Drops New Single “Peace and Positivity”

“My mama knowing I’m paid, she can finally get some rest now…” – quote from “Peace and Positivity” Fast-rising Florida artist FCG Heem has...

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January 21, 2021

Rahli Releases New Song “Redrum”

“We ain’t gon’ say nothing enjoy your summer, let em’ wonder …” – quote from “Redrum” Fast-rising St. Louis rapper, Rahli has released the...

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January 18, 2021

Tain Releases Anthem for the Year “20/20”

“Blood thicker than water, you can drown in both…” – quote from “20/20” Hip-hop sensation Tain recently dropped an anthem for the year “20/20”....

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January 16, 2021

Prophet Releases New Single “Close Up”

“Heard you sliding, I just sent you an addy, I can’t wait to see you…” – quote from “Close Up” Prophet just released an...

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January 14, 2021

Cokah Releases Music Video for “Boom Boom Boom”

“I ain’t really out here judging, but if you on a broke h* budget, keep shi* cute, say nothing…” – quote from “Boom Boom...

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Swiss OG
January 12, 2021

Swiss OG Releases “Only High Grade” ft Fire Chess

“Fire Chess, we only smoking on the sensi on the highway, put your lighters up…” – quote from “Only High Grade” Swiss OG releases...

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SR TheMveMnt
January 11, 2021

SR TheMveMnt Starts the Year Off with “Suburbans”

“To make my ends meet, imma run this shi* just like a track meet, imma star, n** want me dead, but it ain’t no...

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TNT Ladiies
January 10, 2021

TNT Ladiies Drops Sizzling Hot Single “All Smoke”

“Where my bad bi*ches at, tell that n*** betta run up them racks…” – quote from “All Smoke” The Toronto-based female duo, TNT Ladiies...

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Blasian Twinz
January 9, 2021

Blasian Twinz Releases Single “Coldest Summer Ever”

“He look good in his sweats & his white tee, but it’s the racks in his pocket that entice me…” – quote from “Coldest...

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January 9, 2021

Ktlyn Delivers a Steamy Vibe in “Manifest”

“Hop in the pool, that 42 I’ll drink for the night, hella broke, but really nice, that’s not my type…” – quote from “Manifest”...

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