Category: Emo Rap

November 7, 2020

Neaks Delivers a Mind-Blowing Mystery Track “Nightfall”

“Gotta thank God for my ride or die, making me try, making me fly, working harder than a kid on a pedal bike…” –...

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Whipped Cream
October 29, 2020

Whipped Cream Releases “Dumb Shit” ft Jasiah

“Yeah we in the pit, duh, doin’ dumb shi*, I ain’t learned shi* in school, but I’m ’bout to get dumb rich…” – quote...

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Kyd Knarly
September 29, 2020

Kyd Knarly Releases 5th Single “Best For You”

“I remember bad days, going through my worse phase, brother caught his first case, I pray for him to be straight…” – quote from...

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September 16, 2020

Tweeko Releases Debut Song “My Love”

“She wants my love, I love my cars and trucks, drop top, tryna get it in the mud, tryna fu** on the Persian rugs…”...

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March 9, 2020

Lourdiz Drops New Track “I’m Pissed”

“Warm me up, but I’m wide awake. I’m not faking anything, I’m not faking anything, I’m pissed…” – quote from “I’m Pissed” Fate is...

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Nathan Howard HOPELESS
January 10, 2020

Nathan Howard Releases “HOPELESS”

“No one told me I could do better, no one told me to just forget her, no one told me it’s just whatever…” -quote...

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October 28, 2019

Yury Unleashes His Newest Single “Less”

“I been in my studio, I’m working. Built from the ground up, I got purpose. Always tryna make this shi* perfect…” – quote from...

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Ty Gutter
October 26, 2019

Ty Gutter’s “Horror Freestyle” Places You Right at the Heart of a Horror Movie

“I just keep countin’ these hunnids. Went and got it like it’s nothin’, started grittin’ doing numbers…” -quote from “Horror Freestyle” GRID Magazine’s Halloween...

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Justina Valentine
October 25, 2019

Justina Valentine is Back with Sexy New Single “Strawberry Soda”

“He love me ‘cause I’m bubbly, call me strawberry soda….” – quote from “Strawberry Soda” American rapper, singer and television personality Justina Valentine is...

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October 11, 2019

Belis Releases Contemporary Rap Anthem “Lemonade”

“I will never hesitate to take somethin’. I gotta take it. Made that mistake once and it took too long to escape it. I...

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